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Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ is an engineering company at it's core. Since 2013, Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ has been building cryptocurrency mining rigs. After mining a variety of coins over the last 8 years BTC Mining Co. has become an expert resource in all aspects of cryptocurrency from a highly technical, deeper level. This expertise includes mining hardware, mining software, smart contracts, Solidity development, deployment, hashrate optimization, profitability and everything in between. We respect our customers privacy and never reveal any information about our clients to anyone.

Bitcoin Mining Corporation™

Our Story

BTC Mining Co. began in an empty coat closet by a curious software engineer who was experimenting with mining Bitcoin. In 2016, a band of engineers teamed up to attempt mining at scale. BTC Mining Co. has grown exponentially since it's humble beginnings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the cryptocurrency movement and advance blockchain technology by helping private companies with their mining needs. We are here to help any miner from anywhere on earth. Big or small.

Our Pledge To Be Carbon Neutral

Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ uses wind and solar to power our mining facility with a zero carbon footprint. If profitability is the priority, we recommend our clients just buy cheap energy from one of our partners.

Why Texas?

Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ is an engineering company. Efficiency is always our priority. Texas has strong property right laws, cheap electricity, no income tax, low corporate tax and no limiting environmental regulations.


Miner Mint BETA v1.0

(Web BETA out now, still coding Android and iOS versions.)

Cloud mining allows people to mine cryptocurrency without the expertise, equipment and hassle of Bitcoin mining. The customer purchases hashing power. The contract is a specified amount of hashrate for a set term. Basically, the customer is renting miners from us or one of our vendors. The profit from the hash power created from the mining equipment is credited to the customer’s account.

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(Coming Soon, Q1 2022.)


NFT, Token or Coin Development

We can take your custom token project from idea to reality fast and efficiently. BTC Mining Co. will code your coin to solve a problem and your token on the most efficient protocol using the most appropriate coding language(s) within the project's specifications. This change will lead to profits that impact society in a positive way.

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Building a New Mining Facility

BTC Mining Co. is an all in one solution to your custom mining build out. Mining cryptocurrency is not just extremely profitable, it also provides exchanges with decentrilized liquidity for coin holders. We can handle any size project. After a suitable location is ready, we offer a 100% guarantee your facility will be operational and profitable within a specific timeline.

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Real Estate Acquisition

Buying or leasing real estate specific to mining is very challenging with no experience. A mining facility can only be built at locations with specific prerequisites that do not conflict with state and county laws. We have real estate agents who specialize in buildings suitable for mining. Although rare, some properties are move in ready for mining. Lease, buy and lease to buy are all available. Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ receives a commission, this service is free.

Sourcing Low Cost Energy For Miners

We can provide the cheapest power for mining at no cost. We have long term personal relationships with energy brokers in Texas that specialize in providing low cost energy to cryptocurrency miners. We even have power providers that sell 100% carbon neutral 100% green energy. Final price is based on location and many other factors, but is guaranteed to be the lowest rate possible. In most cases, we can cut power costs for customers by 1/2 or even 1/4. Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ receives a commission, this service is free.

Sourcing Cryptocurrency Miners

We have accounts at factories all over the planet who sell us mining machines in bulk. Although prices are a reflection of supply and demand, we guarantee we can get the lowest cost per unit possible. We charge a small fee for this service. Bitcoin Mining Corporation™ receives a commission, this service is free.

Installation or Relocation of Miners

We can service any size, coin or protocol of miner installation. Moving is never fun. Try moving a warehouse filled with crypto miners. Let us relocate your mining operation fast. With the ban of crypto mining in China, we can assist with shipping, customs and delivery of you miners safely. Our pricing options: $100,000 flat fee or reduced fee plus equity.

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