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Privacy Policy

This policy describes the information we process to support Bitcoin Mining Corporation and it's products. We take our clients personal information and privacy very seriously. As such, we have made our policy transparent and easy to understand.

Data Policy

What kinds of information do we collect?

Bitcoin Mining Corporation uses a secure 0auth one click login and signup feature. Google login, Facebook login, Twitter login, Github login and Email login all require an email, name and in some cases pull a profile photo. This is API is powered by Google and stores your information in a secure NoSQL database.

Your Usage Data.

Bitcoin Mining Corporation collects information about how you use our products, such as the types of content you view or engage with; the features you use. We collect this data to provide services to customers and communicate with APIs, Bitcoin Mining Corporation does not store this data.

Information about transactions made on our Products.

We collect information about products or services purchases such as a users name, address, payment method and payment info. This information is collected to process payments.

Mining Data Collection.

We collect usage and mining data to track mining activity. This data is used to determine how many coins are mined and to pay miners.

Device Information

Bitcoin Mining Corporation does not store any information about your device.

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